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Welcome home.

Our house rules? Make yourself comfortable, have a good rummage through our stuff, and don’t be a stranger.

For those that don’t know us, a short introduction…we are Newsquest Media Sales.

We sell the power of local to national advertisers and their agencies. We represent Newsquest Media Group’s multi-media portfolio. 200+ newspapers, 140+ websites, and 40+ magazines that reach over 25% of the population. Newsquest is a major player in the local media landscape, one of the big four local media groups in the UK in fact. Big fish, big pond. (See our Daily Package section for more big fish excitement – it’s a theme here).

The ‘power of local’; what does that actually mean? It means local media brands, delivering unique, trusted and highly relevant content to an engaged audience. Brands that have evolved and developed over generations, becoming part of the fabric of their communities, retaining their core editorial strengths, and delivering them via the channels of the here and now. Hyper-local content, delivered when and how people want it.

We’ve got lots here that develops these themes, backs up what we say, proves we know what we’re talking about, and more besides. We want you to enjoy the site, take what you need, and find things you didn’t know you needed in the first place.